Bilsrow Holsteins
David, Sheila & James Tomlinson, Bilsborrow Hall Farm, Bilsborrow, Preston, Lancashire, UK


Bilsrow Bolivia Pamela VG89- 2nd calver
Completes 9 gens VG or EX
1st lact 10,081kg at 4.88% fat and 3.82% protein

2011 daughter by Bilsrow Icarus

x EX90-2E Jackson x VG88 Journalist x EX90-2E Prelude x
VG89 Inspiration x VG89 Starbuck

Bilsrow Bolivia Pamela

Bilsrow Bolivia Lucie VG87- 2 yrs old
Bred from 8 gens EX

Bilsrow Bolivia Lucie

June 2012 daughter by Woodmarsh Asterix

x EX90 Bilsrow Sunshine x EX90-2E Gibson x EX92-2E Jolt x
EX92 Jed x EX90 Raider

Bilsrow Duplex Jane EX90

Bilsrow Duplex Jane

4th generation EX or VG
EX90 Duplex x EX90 Gelpro x EX94 Inspiration x VG Warden

Over 14,000kg in her 2nd lact
VG87 daughter, daughters by Jeeves and Gerrard

Bilsrow Outside Jane VG89

Bilsrow Outside Jane

VG89 2nd calver
Dam Freeman, Gdam Bilsrow Gelpro Jane EX90 LP50
2011 son by Windbrook

Bilsrow Gibson Ada EX93

Bilsrow Gibson Ada

2nd lact 11,827kg at 4.94% fat and 3.55% prot
2011 son by Windbrook
6th gen VG or EX
EX93 3rd calf Gibson x VG89 Cogent Design x VG88 Bilsrow Jed 2

Bilsrow Laurin Liz VG87 -2yrs

Bilsrow Laurin Liz

VG87-2yrs x VG86 Boliver x VG87 Outside
7th generation VG or EX Laurie Shiek
2011 son by Garrett

Bilsrow Talent Tabitha VG86-2yrs

Bilsrow Talent Tabitha

A new family from Luck-E

VG86-2yrs Talent x EX91 RC Durham x EX92 Lee x EX

2011 son by McCormick

Bilsrow Modest Triuna VG88-2nd calver

6th generation EX or VG
VG85 Modest x EX95 (4) Wade x EX93 Blackstar x EX92 Elevation
x EX94 Triple Threat
1st lact 305days 9494kg 3.5% fat 3.2% protein
Sisters at Bilsrow by Modest, Affirmed & Goldwyn
Her dam is Clwydian TysonWade EX95(4) pictured below

clwydian tyson wade

Bilsrow Conformer Sarene EX95-2E

bilsrow conformer serene

5th generation EX or VG
EX91 Conformer x EX91(5) Bilsrow Ugela Mr Rolls x VG85 Dannix x EX91 (3) Raider
Completed two lactations
2nd lact 305 days 11,559kg 4.79% fat 3.35% protein
Fresh since January 2009 with a Laramie heifer

Bilsrow Jed Roxy EX93(4)

bilsrow jed roxy

6th generation EX or VG, of which last 5 generations EX
EX93(4) Jed x EX93(2) Dixiecrat x EX Elevation x EX97 Citation
Completed six lactations
6th lact 305 days 11,520kg 4.81% fat 3.15% protein

Dam of 3 VG daughters
Son for sale by Mr Burns

Mccacres Inspiration Jane EX94

mccacres inspiration jane

2nd generation EX or VG
EX94 Inspiration x VG Warden
Completed three lactations
3rd lac 305d 12,279kg 4.69% fat 3.34% protein
Dam to 3 VG and 3 EX daughters (one of which below)

Bilsrow Gelpro Jane EX90

Bilsrow gelpro Jane

3rd generation EX or VG
EX90 Gelpro x EX94 Inspiration x VG Warden
Completed three lactations
3rd lac 305d 11,419kg 4.58% fat 3.18% protein
Dam to one EX90 Duplex above and a VG86 daughter (below)


Bilsrow Goldwyn Jane VG86

bilsrow goldwyn jane

4th generation EX or VG
VG86 Goldwyn x EX90 Gelpro x EX94 Inspiration x VG Warden
1st lat 305 days 10,938kg 4.18% fat 3.28% protein
Dam of daughter by Mr Burns, Feb 2008

Bilsrow BJ Snowboots EX93(2)

bilsrow bj snowboots

2nd generation EX or VG
EX93(2) Jed x VG85 Mr Rolls
Completed four lactations
4th lac 305d 13,557kg 3.30% fat 2.99% protein
Dam to VG88 daughter, below

Bilsrow BS Snowboots EX93-2E

bilsrow bs snowboots

3rd generation EX or VG
VG88 Storm x EX93(2) Jed x VG85 Mr Rolls
Completed one lactation
1st lac 305d 9,996kg 4.17% fat 2.85% protein
Dam to daughter by Wedgwood Laramie, Sept 2008



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