Bilsrow Holsteins
David, Sheila & James Tomlinson, Bilsborrow Hall Farm, Bilsborrow, Preston, Lancashire, UK


  • Lancs Milk Records Competition 2011 Results:
    Bilsrow Shottle Olympia VG89 3 yr Champion Cow Large Herds
    (pictured below)
    Bilsrow Shottle Olympia 2
    Bilsrow Olympia's Champion family group Large Herds
    Bilsrow Shottle Lausine 2 VG86 2yr 2nd Heifer Large Herds

  • Jeeves Marie sells at the Holstein Genetic Elite sale Wed 13th June at Bristol. Read more about her on the for sale page
    August 2011 Jeeves x Shottle Marie VG88 x Gibson Marie EX94-2E

  • The February 2012 sale at Beeston saw good trade for Bilsrow stock and we wish purchasers well with their investments.
    Bilsrow Allen Olympia by Magor Bolivia Allen was Champion and made top price of 3500gns. She is bred from 8 gens VG or EX.
    Bilsrow Ramos Rolls - 8 gens VG or EX from the Rolls family made 3400gns and Bilsrow Drake Roxy made 3200gns with 5 gens VG or EX behind her. These are just a few of the great heifers we have for sale in 2012 - give us a call to find out more.

  • We sold 9 freshly calved heifers at the Lancaster January sale on 18th Jan. Members of the Rolls, Jane, Shower, Peach and Snowboots families sold well.

  • We classified on 7th December with the following highlights:-
    Bilsrow Conformer Sarene EX95-2E
    Bilsrow BS Roxy EX94-2E
    Bilsrow Storm Snowboots EX94-2E
    Bilsrow BS Snowboots EX93-2E
    Bilsrow Leduc Olympia EX93-3E
    Bilsrow Champion Rolls EX92
    Bilsrow Freeman Anna EX92
    Bilsrow Freeman Rolls 2 EX92
    Bilsrow BS Rhea EX91
    Bilsrow Gibson Iloa EX91
    Bilsrow Goldwyn Shower EX91
    Bilsrow Leader Chanel EX91-2E
    Bilsrow Outside Ivy EX91
    Bilsrow Outside Snowboots EX91
    Bilsrow Starshine Galorie EX91
    Bilsrow Starshine Rolls EX91
    Bilsrow Stormatic Chanel EX93-3E
    Bilsrow BJ Forca Bell EX90-2E
    Bilsrow Merchant Sarene EX90
    Bilsrow Starshine Amise EX90
    Bilsrow Gibson Ada VG89- 2nd calver
    Bilsrow MR S Paradise VG89- 2nd calver
    Bilsrow Athlete Anna VG88- 2yrs
    Bilsrow Buckeye Lausine VG88- 2nd calver
    Bilsrow Champion Rolls 2 VG88- 2nd calver
    Bilsrow Drake Ivy VG88- 2nd calver
    Bilsrow Modest Triuna 3 VG88-2nd calver
    Bilsrow Outside Jane VG88-2yrs
    Bilsrow Talent Ivy 2 VG88-2yrs
    Bilsrow Athlete Forcabell VG87-2yrs
    Bilsrow Athlete Shower 2 VG87-2yrs
    Bilsrow Drake Snowboots 2 VG86-2yrs
    Bilsrow Goldwyn Shower 3 VG86-2yrs
    Bilsrow Laramie Ivy VG86-2yrs
    Bilsrow Talent Ivy VG86-2yrs
    Bilsrow Baxter Olympia 2 VG85-2yrs
    Bilsrow Baxter Shower VG85-2yrs
    Bilsrow Drake Christina VG85-2yrs
    Bilsrow Exclusive Lausine 2 VG85-2yrs
    Bilsrow Louvre Elite VG85-2yrs



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