Bilsrow Holsteins
David, Sheila & James Tomlinson, Bilsborrow Hall Farm, Bilsborrow, Preston, Lancashire, UK


This page will be updated regularly with stock for sale as well as embryos as they become available. Alternatively one or two of our cows might just have caught your eye, if so don't be afraid to ask about us flushing them to a bull of your choice.

Bilsrow Hayden Group

The Hayden daughter group from Bilsrow Buckeye Lausine EX91
whose progeny include
Bilsrow Leighton - a Jan 2012 Windbrook from B Hayden Lausine VG86-2yrs

We also have the following selection of bulls available:-

Bulls for Sale

2012 bulls for sale are as follows:
Bilsrow Sheriff  Gerard x Bolivia Shower x Sr Shower
Bilsrow Ostia Gerard x Ramos Olympia x Outside Olympia
Bilsrow Senator Gerard x Mr Burns Shower x SR Shower
Bilsrow Savoy Million x Talent Shower x SR Shower
Bilsrow Frankland Gerard x Jackson Fantee x Rudolph Fantee
Bilsrow Smithson Jeeves x BJ Snowboots
Bilsrow Littlewood Jeeves x Exclusive Lausine x Allen Lausine
Bilsrow Selkirk Jeeves x Goldwyn Shower 3 x SR Shower
Bilsrow Icon Reece x Talent Ivy 2 x Rudolph Ivy
Bilsrow Rafferty Icarus x Champion Rolls 2 x BC Rolls
Bilsrow Tate Alexander x Outside Tellar
Bilsrow Oakley Reece x Outside Snowboots
Bilsrow Shamrock Reece x Icefyre Shimmer x Lee Shimmer
Bilsrow Jenson Windbrook x Outside Jane
Bilsrow Laurence Garrett x Laurin Liz x Boliver Liz
Bilsrow Selwyn Garrett x Goldwyn Shower 2 x SR Shower
Bilsrow Orson Reece x Shottle Olympia 3 x Gibson Olympia
Bilsrow Otis Alexander x Outside Olympia x Gibbon Olympia
Bilsrow Madison McCormick x Goldwyn Marie x Shottle Marie
Bilsrow Taylor McCormick x Talent Tabitha x Durham Tab
Bilsrow Tiago McCormick x Talent Triuna x Modest Triuna
Bilsrow Spencer McCormick x BS Snowboots

Bilsrow Talent Ivy 2

Bilsrow Talent Ivy 2
Dam of Bilsrow Icon

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